“The teacher must communicate, oral orally and visually, the value he/she places on the learning and a high acceptance of students as individuals.” Susan Cox


“Denise is great! She presents information and ideas that affect each and every student regardless of age and labels.” LaToya Neal, 5th Grade Inclusion

“Denise is wonderful and full of excitement and passion for what she does. She genuinely shares ideas that I will use and share with teachers at my school.” Susette Spivey, EC Teacher/Director

“Denise is a great presenter. She is motivating and full of wonderful ideas for teaching reading.” Tracy Hastings, 5th Grade Resource

“Denise is an exemplary presenter! She definitely peaks from vast experience and commitment and the love for our profession!” Kathleen Grundy, K-5 Reading Specialist

“Denise Gudwin is very informative and enthusiastic about all of these strategies that can help all students.” Janet Girard, Reading Specialist

“Denise brings real-life situations to show that the strategies truly work. You will leave with lots of ideas to implement the next day!” Keri Wright, Resource/ICS

“Denise is a very enthusiastic instructor.” Brittany Green, Intern

“Denise Gudwin is fantastic – great ideas and strategies that will be easy to implement.” Dana Nolley, Educational Diagnostician

“Denise is open, upbeat and supportive. Her suggestions are ready for adaptation in my classroom.” Joan Bryant, 1st Grade Teacher

“Denise is an excellent presenter.” Janet Dickinson, Special Education Teacher

“Denise is extremely knowledgeable regarding what words and how we can do things better.” Andrea Kinsella, LD Resource

“Denise has a wealth of information from her own classroom experience, and supervision of teachers! Her resources are outstanding! Thank you for re-inspiring me!” Dale Blanchard, Special Education Resource Teacher

“Outstanding! Extremely useful strategies that can be implemented in the classroom right away. An excellent resource guide that will be used often.” Jennifer Card, Special Ed Teacher

“Excellent hands-on materials and strategies!” Linda Wetherell, Academy Director K-2

“The seminar gives great practical strategies you can use in your classroom. The strategies are realistic and student-centered! I can’t wait to go back and try them in the classroom and share them with others.” Rebecca Cordone, Special Ed Teacher

“Wonderful – so many great ideas and resources.” Jodi Johnson, Special Ed Teacher

“Best workshop I’ve ever been to.” Denise Rattigan, Special Ed Teacher

“Denise has an intense amount of energy and her love of teaching comes out. She has energized me to go back to my class and try new techniques to get my children to love to read.” Shari Placko, Special Ed Teacher

“Well organized, effective speaker. A lot of reading strategies presented that can be used right away in my classroom.” Susan Moyer, Resource Teacher

“I came away with so many fabulous ideas that I can’t decide which to use first.” Janette Vicher, Instructional Support Teacher

“Dr. Gudwin is thought provoking and motivating. I am walking away with a lot of great strategies I can use tomorrow!” Verna Thomas, Special Ed Teacher

“Denise is very well organized! I love having the resource guide that has all the things she showed us in it! There are so many practical strategies.” Mary Ann Harper, Special Ed Teacher


“Dr. Gudwin is an excellent teacher that makes the student involved in every class. Her lessons are really used in the classroom and her strategies are really used in the classroom. She is a great inspiration on what a real teacher is. Her classwork [assignments] are well explained and easy to understand.” (12-28-06, EEX 3066)

“Dr. Gudwin is always interested in helping us learn. Everyday you end the class with new strategies that actually work. She is there for the students regardless of her heavy schedule.” (12-18-05, EEX 3066)

“Very good professor! This class was one of the most interesting classes that I have had at FIU. She shows us situations in real life. Thanks!” (12-18-05, EEX 3066)

“Dr. Gudwin is an excellent professor! She is very interested in her career as well as introducing the best strategies that will help further our careers. She has been an inspiration to me. Taking her class has been the best experience at FIU!!” (12-18-05, EEX 3066)

“Professor offers herself to the class whole-heartedly. You must follow her rubric to a “T” for assignments to get the best grade. She is very clear on her expectations for assignments, and offers many supplemental materials to students. She has a storehouse of info on ESE in Dade county schools. Great adjunct!” (01-06-06, EEX 5068)


“This has been one of the best classes I have ever taken. I have learned more in this one class than all my others combined, and none of it felt like learning! Most of her assignments are due at the end of the semester, so you have a long time to work on them, but you won’t really know how you are doing till the end (which really isn’t a problem).” (11-19-08, EX 3070)

“The best professor ever! I learned so much in this class! The best part is that I know I can go to her for anything I need throughout my career! Take her, you will not regret it!” (12-10-08, EEX 3070)

“Awesome teacher! You won’t regret it. She is very approachable, and her class was very beneficial. Things learned will help you later on. Great assignments. Lots of assignments but due at the end of the semester. Take it, you won’t regret it.” (12-19-08, EEX 3070)


“She is an awesome teacher!! She helped me in class and out of class. You should def take her…probably the only class i learned a lot.” (01-03-09)

“This has been my favorite professor thus far. Everything you learn in this class you will use in your career. She is caring and extremely helpful!!! She really cares about her students and has immense knowledge and experience in the field of education! I definitely recommend her, it’s worth your while! Awesome class!” (01-05-09)


“Awesome professor. Very dedicated and enthusiastic! Passionate and enthusiastic about her teachings. Always there to assist her students!” (12-18-05, EDU 607)

“All that I know is because of Dr. Gudwin. A true inspiration! What an amazing professor! Everybody should register for all the courses she teaches (FIU and Barry). Be weary, she will not let you out early, but you will not want to leave either (even if it is a class on Friday nights). I have taken four of her classes, and it is not enough!” (12-18-05, EDU 590, EDU 466)

“AWESOME!!! Very knowledgeable. Shared a wealth of strategies and helpful information. Thanks!” (12-19-08, EDU 607)

“Dr. Gudwin is an example of what a teacher should entitle. She is dedicated and is full of knowledge. She kept me going through a stressful semester. She is that teacher you go back to visit, you compare yourself to and you admire. Thank you Dr. Gudwin, You lit that flame that was turned off inside of me.” (12-21-05, EDU 607)