It’s Monday… It’s ELA Common Core Day! Tips From The Field

Happy Common Core Monday to you!  Big apologies coming from me – I have been off the radar for a couple of months.  I’m back!  

I had the pleasure of working with exemplary teachers, administrators, interventionists, and student teachers in the Northeast this week.  THANK YOU to the teachers in Albany, Hartford, Boston, Long Island, and Cherry Hill, NJ!  The following tips are their contribution:

  • Create a resource web page for your school to share teacher ideas/materials. (Haviland Ave Elem/Audubon Schools)
  • Resource: The Decoding Solution: Rime Magic and Fast Success for Struggling Readers by Sharon Zinke (Scholastic)
  • Select non-fiction together
  • – record stories and watch animated playback
  • Let children use a microphone to read their writings.  They read like professionals!
  • Use Google Images on Smart Board for student background knowledge (preview first!!)
  • Text Talk: Interactive Read Aloud – a vocab-building reading program. Great books. Two of each book – one for teaching, one for your library
  • Collaborate with team as often as possible
  • Encourage students to talk and discuss
  • Read to self with timers/stop watches
  • Read to Buddy (improves fluency and expression)
  • Center Task Sheets – students check off [their accomplishments] themselves
  • Beanie Baby Decoding Strategies
  • – practice on sight words, spelling, reading
  • Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers (Everything is there for you!)
  • Pinterest!!!  Having the kids “mirror” my/our objectives
  • Recorder Plus. Free APP for modulation in fluency
  • Garage Band on i-pad for intonation and fluency
  • Time to read
  • Story Wheel APP for creating stories and listening to them read back to you
  • Talking Carl [Talking Tom, etc] APPs for fluency.  Use for oral reading
  •  Word spashes like Wordle
  • Nonfiction films at various levels.
  • PBS – free nonfiction films
  • Farfaria App APP.  The “Netflix” of children’s literature at a touch of a button
  • Books on tape – “Voice”
  • Resource: Comprehension Connections by Tammy McGregor.  Concrete lessons and examples given for inferences, determining importance, etc.  (Highly recommended by 2nd grade teachers at Bristol Hubbell School.)

Read aloud to your students everyday.  And until next time, share a literacy strategy!

Denise Gudwin