Happy New Year – 2013 Thoughts

Mr. Moses lived on the street where I grew up.  From as far back as I can remember, early on New Year’s Day each year my mother got up and dressed and let me get up with her so that we were ready and standing in the vestibule when Mr. Moses rang our doorbell.

He got up at dawn, dressed impeccably in a suit and vest and tie and overcoat and dress hat and started at one end of the block, going to each house and ringing the doorbell.  When greeted, he’d take off his hat and step across the threshold just enough so that he was inside. When invited in, he’d decline, saying that he had to keep going but wanted to be sure that the first person who entered our home in the new year brought good tidings and well wishes for all of us. He went to every house, then quietly turned around and walked the length of the long block back to his. It was many, many years later when I’d grown up and moved away that I wondered if there had ever been someone who came to his house to do that for him.

I wish you a year of good health, wholeheartedness, increased commitment, strengthening community, shared laughter, new adventures, continual reward, accelerated compassion, faith, and gratitude.

From a childhood story Mr. Moses by Marian SkottMyhre – As shared with me from my brother, @Rene.

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