As per requests on your end, I’m finally posting my blog!

Check back from time to time, I will post an average of twice a week, with most as professional posts focusing on teaching and learning, tips, favorite publications, and thoughts from you.  Let’s get this dialogue going!

What am I up to lately, you’ve asked over and over?  Yes, there is life after thirty years with Miami-Dade County Public Schools!  My professional life includes:

  1. Consulting (working with schools and districts across the country)
  2. Providing seminars/professional development in literacy, RTI, inclusive practices, and learning disabilities (I’ll be in Sioux Falls, Denver, Boise, Portland, Phoenix, Columbus, and Chicago in the next few months)
  3. Writing (both professionally and a new secret project that I’m not quite ready to unveil)
  4. Continuing my own professional growth and development with research, seminars and classes
  5. And, No, I’m not teaching at the university this semester.  I’m taking some time off to focus on some other projects at the moment.  Although I totally miss my students, I hear from a bunch of them regularly, so that keeps me going.

Teaching Tip of the Week:

  • Have you checked out CHART DOG on intervention Central yet?  Go to www.interventioncentral.org and click on Chart Dog. You can input data (such as a fluency probe) and hit enter – voilà!  You will have an instant graph to print up like the one I did for Jose below as documentation.
  • Try it out – It will be your best friend this fall.  🙂

Also, on the subject of favorite sites:

  • Check out www.cymbot.com as your next favorite search engine.  You will love the accessibility of various navigational tools – it’s my new favorite thesaurus, with links to a dictionary, urban dictionary, Wikipedia, etc.  Check it out.  You’ll love it:


“Focusing on Your Educational Needs”
Hope to hear from you!